About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

Andrew Stewart Workplace Anger Management in Glasgow

About Workplace Anger Management Coaching
20th June 2018 
About Anger Management
About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

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About Workplace Anger Management Coaching. angryeyes

About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

Individual one- to- one personal Coaching in Anger Management can result in having things really change, so that it's possible once again to feel personally in control of our actions and reactions when faced with challenges.

Coaching provides a safe, unbiased, supportive way forward. Confidentiality is guaranteed, together with active listening, understanding and impartiality.

However Coaching is not just a talking therapy; it leads to plans and action to develop coping strategies, and discover skills to achieve the changes required.

Coaching can improve quality of life, with greater self- esteem and assertiveness.

Coaching in Anger Management helps with
• work related issues - coping with change, problems with colleagues, management challenges.
• personal issues - self confidence, assertiveness, stress, anxiety
• relationship issues - conflict with partners, inter-family disputes
• anger management - in relationships, the workplace, or road rage
There is a move towards a clearer view of the difficulties and a better self - understanding . New options are considered and developed, and feelings sensitively explored.

Coaching enables the client
• to manage life and any challenges in a positive and satisfactory way
• to explore and discuss more resourceful ways of living
• to develop true potential, and
• to move towards greater emotional assertiveness and wellbeing.

Employer referral, E.A.P.and Corporate client sessions cost 60 including all relevant materials, ongoing reviews where required, and Programme Completion Certificate.

Phone (on 0141 334 1980) or e-mail me now,by clicking bottom left,to begin taking control of your life once again.

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