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About Anger Management
20th June 2018 
About Anger Management
About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

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About Anger Management. Consult

About Anger Management. .....

Many of us believe that anger just happens. We don't understand why we become so angry or agitated, sometimes starting with what seems to be very little reason.
We feel overwhelmed and become pessimistic about ever bringing our anger under control.

Someone having challenges with anger is not alone - anger and its devastating consequences are now recognised as a major factor in damaged workplace, as well as personal, relationships.

During my involvement in psychotherapy, and paticularly over the past few years, an increasing number of my clients have presented with anger as their main obstacle to satisfactory relationships in both their professional and personal lives.

That's why I have created my specific, result-focused Anger Management-Glasgow Programme. The Course of five sessions is structured in a result-focused format , which also acknowledges each client's own unique history and personal experiences.

The Programme leads from the personal causes and triggers of anger, through skills and strategies to reduce and control anger, and finally to relapse prevention.
At the same time new options are explored to develop potential and improve quality of life now - control can once again be regained in all areas.

Taking an interest in my Anger Management Programme is a very important first step.
To take advantage of the chance to participate in this one-to-one personal coaching course could be the most important step of all.

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