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20th June 2018 
About Anger Management
About Workplace Anger Management Coaching

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Workplace Anger Management Course for Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, and Central Scotland.

Anger in the workplace, whether on the shopfloor or in the boardroom, can have a disastrous effect on the wellbeing of staff, colleagues and management, and undermine the existing Human Resource provision.
In many cases it isn't appropriate or convenient for employers, or their HR departments, to provide an Anger Management course in house.
That's why I've created a specific, result focused Anger Management Programme, in a one-to-one coaching course of 5 Sessions.

My name is Andrew Stewart. I've worked as a Psychotherapist and Coach in Central Glasgow for the past twenty-five years, where I'm committed to provide a safe and non-judgemental environment for all my clients.

My Workplace Anger Management course is an effective means of resolving a particularly challenging situation for both the employee and employer, EAP or Corporate referrer.
Now, anger between colleagues, partners, other family members, or friends, can be reduced and controlled.

Moving through five stages, the programme leads from the personal causes and triggers of anger, through skills and strategies to reduce and control anger, and finally to facilitate relapse prevention.
At the same time new options are explored to develop potential and improve quality of life now - to begin the process taking control of actions and reactions once again.

Employers who have retained Anger Management - Glasgow include :- B.B.C. Scotland, John Lewis Partnership, Sistema Scotland, HM Revenue & Customs, Honeywell, Roger Bullivant Ltd., West Dunbartonshire Council, Glasgow Metropolitan College, City of Glasgow College, SAMH Workstep, British Polythene Industries PLC, Family Law Association Scotland, Scottish Prison Services, and East Ayrshire Council.

The five session course , which is structured in a one-to-one coaching format, can be tailored to suit the times and availbility which are most convenient to both employee and management.
Each session lasts one hour ; however it is recommended that no more than two sessions are processed in any one day attendance.

Each session of the course including programme materials, progress reports, and final review and Programme Completion Certificate, costs 60, and sessions attended are invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

The Workplace Anger Management Course is presented by Anger Management- Glasgow; our address, location map and other information can be found on the FAQ page.
AngerManagement-Glasgow has Profession Liability Insurance Cover.

Please contact me directly by phone (0141 334 1980) to discuss contract arrangements.

Mobile Phone procedure during sessions:-
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